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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Government IP Addresses

Yes I check my logs, I have a lot of .GOV sites that check my blog.  There are some which I'm quite sure is someone just cruising the web on their work computer, such as the one from Yorba Linda.  However I've noticed in my logs that shortly after the one noted above checks my blog someone from the same organization but in another state checks in.  They are just sharing stuff on the net and I won't post the screen shots of them.  It would be nice if maybe they would comment on what they like or dislike on my blog though.

Really folks, it's not that hard.  There is a little button down there that says either 0 comments or the number of comments a particular post has.  Just click it and leave a comment.  I don't accept Anonymous Comments though, so you will need to have a Blog ID, Google Account or one of the other ways of logging in.

That is one thing about blogging.  Us bloggers DO like to get feedback from their readers.  It tells us if what we write is liked by our readers or not.

So please, hit the comment button once in awhile.

You never know you might actually find some other readers of my blog who you can have a good an intelligent conversation with.

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