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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Republicans need to man up

"The Democrats spent more of their time lauding Clinton, thanking her for her service and praising her for one thing or another, than they spent asking any questions. Sen. Dick Durbin swung into a dissertation on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, failing to note that the woman sitting before him at the hearing also believed in WMDs and advocated war against Saddam Hussein on that basis. Some of the Republicans, particularly Sens. Ron Johnson, John McCain, and Rand Paul, asked probing questions. You can see some of those in other posts."

I'm sorry but with the exception of Rand Paul and Ron Johnson, none of them had the testicular fortitude to ask Hillary Clinton the hard questions.  It appeared as if the Dem's had some form of leverage over the Republicans in the Senate to keep them from hammering her to find out WHY was there no military back up sent when we had assets in the sky broadcasting the live video back to the Whitehouse, the Pentagon and who knows where else?

Why?  When there were Combat Assets less than 2 hours away that could have totally decimated the attack if they had only been given the word?  Why were those assets NOT set into motion?  Why were REPEATED requests for assistance either denied or ignored?  Why was our Ambassador allowed to be murdered?

Man Up Republicans.

Or you may not like what happens to you next election cycle.

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