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Saturday, January 12, 2013

5 DeWussification Lessons everyone needs to know

Male and Female.  The lessons are right and necessary.  But one thing in particular stood out to me above all else.

I will point it out after you have had time to go over and read.

"I remember asking my daddy why his little toe was crooked when I was a boy. He told me the story of how his parents had warned him about playing with the handsaw. He didn’t listen. At age 10, he just had to experience the forbidden tool. Holding the board with his bare left foot, his bloody lesson followed. With the last push of the blade, his little toe was almost severed. He said it was just dangling by a little flesh. Fearing the wrath of his parents more than the loss of his appendage, he bandaged and taped it back on. My grandparents found out days later and got him proper care…and proper punishment. Are little toes all that necessary?"

Read the above then come back for the rest

Are you back?

Good, now there is one thing he wrote which stands out to me and strikes a chord in my Soul so clear, I'm surprised  the whole house isn't vibrating from it.

"Developing a real relationship with God – not religion"

Some of you know, I am an Ordained Minister.  I have no church, I have no real parishioners,but I do try to share my relationship with God with others.  Including you my readers.

I don't try to force religion down your throat, you either accept God, Allah, Yahweh or any other Deity, or you don't.  All I ask is for you to open your hearts and Souls to the existence of our Creator.

That is one of my main issues with Organized Religion.  And probably why some of them remind me of the phrase "Organized Crime"

A persons relationship with God is special.  It is between them  and God and the church is the Lords creation here on earth, the heavens above us and the Universe at large.  It is the sound of children playing, the smell of rain in the coming wind.  The love of a parent for a child and our roles as the protectors of our children and as custodians of the creation God has given us.

In this country many people have lost sight of that.  We have avowed Atheists, which have a closer relationship with our Creator than the highest and most pious of Church leaders.  Then we have the forbidding of our Creator from the halls of education and anywhere else.  Partly brought upon us by people who say they are atheist, but they have NO relationship with our Creator, and they feel no one else should either.

The short sightedness of those people hurts my Soul.

Can they not see what their actions are doing?

Do they not care?

I pray a lot in these times, for I fear something I call the "Lack of belief"

I actually wrote a short story, but used Santa Claus as my proxy for our Creator.

As less people believed in him, Santa Claus became more and more ephemeral, until he no longer existed.  I got the idea believe it or not from Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

Our Creator's powers come now from our beliefs in him.  Our Souls bolstered by our Belief, create the Gestalt which gives our Creator his Power, our Love helps him bring Miracles to us, our Devotion brings us Prosperity.

Please don't think that because I use the masculine pronoun that I'm implying that I think our Creator is some male being.  Our Creator is all of us, we are his body, and when less of us Believe in him, it is like a cancer to his/her/it's body.  Contaminating and destroying the being of our Creator.

Research today has actually been confirming the God's, "Let there be light" was the "Big Bang", and many scientists and researchers are finding proven parallels between Genesis and forming of our Universe.

Could it have been that a previous existence was destroyed when our universe was created?  As our Creator lost more and more of his "body" through disbelief and disunion, that the previous existence shrank until our Creator, to save it's own existence began again?

"Let There Be Light"

And the previous existence was undone and a new one created.

I fear, that as less and less people forget or ignore the existence of our Creator, we may be rapidly approaching a new "Big Bang"

God is forbidden in schools, even a moment of "Introspection" is not allowed.  Public Prayer is illegal.  Children are having children.  Children are killing other children and adults.

Where did we go wrong?

And can we find our way back to the path our Creator set us on?

I don't know the answers to these questions.

Until we allow our Souls to be one and unstained again, I fear no one will know.

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