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Friday, January 4, 2013

A few computer related stories you should read

First from Insty a story of how the government is trying to force a software company to install a "Backdoor" into his software so "He" not the government will use to obtain information.

"Stuart says authorities specifically told him that they would not use the backdoor themselves but that he would be expected to access the servers of online casinos and others who used his software overseas in order to retrieve the information of gamblers and bookmakers on their behalf.

“They made it clear that they would do nothing. I was expected to do everything, to modify the system to allow myself to get in to get the information they wanted,” he says. “Their whole intention was for me to retrieve information from those databases that were located in foreign countries…. They were going to use me to get to the clients…. But I’m not a hacker, I’m a software developer.”

So now the .GOV is threatening people with prison time if they don't break the law on the .GOV's behalf.

Then the following two stories I got from a news subscription

Internet Security Jeopardized by a single mistake

"An intermediate digital certificate for * domains has been blocked by Google, Mozilla and Microsoft after a Turkish certificate authority (CA) incorrectly provided it to two other Turkish organizations who are not authorized for the privileges that certificate affords."

Google Changes means less search results

"If you use Google Shopping to find and compare items you'd like to buy, you could find fewer results in future searches. Google said today (Jan. 3) it would allow website owners to block their pages from specialized search results in a response to concerns from the Federal Trade Commission."

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