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Friday, January 18, 2013


Since you OBVIOUSLY don't know squat about firearms, I am going to give you a lesson.


These are known as En Bloc Clips.  Used in the M1 Garand Rifle

And the M1 Garand Rifle was the main battle rifle issued to our troop during World War II, the Korean War, and was still in special issue during the Vietnam War.  Each of those "Clips" holds 8 rounds of .30-06 (Thirty Ought Six) or 7.62X63MM NATO.  Several thousand M1 Garands are used by competition shooters across this nation.  Several thousand more of those rifles are used for hunting, pleasure shooting and general collecting.  The Garand has been used since it's adoption date by the US Military since 1936.  That is over 77 YEARS!  And it is now considered an illegal weapon in the State of New York if it is loaded to it STANDARD capacity.

DO you see the ridiculousness of this?  Can you see your own part in this craziness?

I mean this rifle was Type Certified by the US Military in 1934, and you have called it an ASSAULT WEAPON!

May I ask you a question?  Where did you get your degree?  I want to know so I can be sure my children don't go to the same institution of higher education, so they don't get lobotomized like you apparently have been.

Another weapon you decry as an Assault weapon is the AR-15.  Did you know that the AR-15 was specifically designed as a CIVILIAN Rifle in 1963?  It was the MILITARY who took it and modified a CIVILIAN Rifle and turned it into the M-16.  Lets see, lets do our math, 2013 minus 1963 equals 50.  So the AR-15 design is FIFTY YEARS OLD!  And it IS NOT a military rifle or assault weapon as you constantly claim it to be.  It was and is a civilian rifle designed for the civilian populace!  If you want to blame someone for the "ASSAULT RIFLES"  Blame Robert McNamara!  HE is the person who made the military adopt the AR-15 Rifle AGAINST the Military's objections and turn it into the M-16.  Oh, and who did Robert McNamara work for?  Hmmm let me think..  John F Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson.  Hmm who were they?  Oh they were the DEMOCRAT Presidents who got us involved in that little mess in South East Asia.  You know, Vietnam.

So do everyone a favor.  Correct your Rectal Cranial Inversion, and report the news correctly with the proper facts, and without your slant.

You and your hype are pushing this country, along with the current administration's inept and misguided policies, towards a Fiscal and Political quagmire.  That could destroy the very fabric of this country.

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