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Friday, January 11, 2013

Crimes and Punishment in Chicago

From Second City Cop who I believe is a "Peace Officer" and not a "Police Officer" (If you don't know the difference between the two you're lost), we have the following.

At the time of his arrest, Guerra was on parole in a 2010 robbery for which he was sentenced to 6 years in prison, but for which he was released on parole in December 2011, according to state Department of Corrections records.

That isn't 85% of a sentence, that isn't even day-for-day credit. He's out in ONE YEAR for a SIX YEAR SENTENCE, and now someone is going to be dead because of it. How many times did we cover this last year alone? Two? Three times? And that's only the ones we know about. How many more are there? Dozens? Hundreds?

Once again, click the above to RTWT

a minor side note, if you want to know more of what goes on in the Chicago police department read Second city Cop especially the comments.  There are many tid bits of information posted by Chicago officers in the comments that don't make the front page of the blog.

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