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Friday, January 4, 2013

Debt and Taxes

First I'd like you to go look at a post of Insty's

Do you understand what is being discussed there?

More people working, meant more taxes being collected.  So with lower taxes, the government was taking in more money and paying down the debt, and paying it's obligations.

UNTIL........  The Democrats took over the House and Senate.

The same Democrats who have never seen a spending program not affiliated with the military they didn't like.

What was that?  What did I just say?

I said the Democrats LOVE spending money on anything that is NOT Military related.  Unless they are getting a kick back from the contractor in question, Democrats won't spend a dime on it.

However they will spend and spend like a drunken sailor, unlike a drunken sailor though.  When the wallet is empty, they won't stop spending.

Let me put it in even simpler terms for any Democrats who might but some odd chance be reading my blog.

Say I get $100.00 a month.  I pay all my bills and that leaves me with $5.00 left over to buy food.  So what do I do?  I use a credit card to buy food.  But that's not all I buy.  I see those warm slippers that I don't need as my old ones are just fine, but they are so nice looking, so I whip out the credit card and but them even though I don't need them and I can't really afford them.  But Hey the payment on that credit card means next month after I get my $100.00 I won't be able to pay my bills like Rent, Utilities, insurance or food.  What do I do?

Well if your congress, you apply for another credit card from a different company (country) to pay off my bills.  However, I'm a Democrat, so instead of paying of the bills, "I" buy more stuff, I don't really need and can't afford.  It's ok, I'll just open ANOTHER credit line with ANOTHER company (country).

There will finally come a day when I can't open a credit line.  I'll blame my roommate (Republicans) who while they did partake some of this money, wasn't in charge, even though they tried to get me to spend responsibly.  I'm a Democrat and I ignore them.

Finally the Landlord (Voters) wants his rent and utilities.  And when I (Democrats) can't pay I get kicked out, but my EVIL roommate doesn't!  In Fact The Landlord (Voters) actually lets him move in his Skank Girlfriend (More Republicans), I'm just lucky the Landlord (Voters) lets me sleep on the couch on the front porch (News).

And my old Roommate (Republicans) is living in the house and he is making improvements.  I'm still stuck out on the porch.

I know, I'll blame my roommate (Republicans)for all the problems there are to the Landlord (Voters).  After awhile the Landlord (Voters) will believe me, because my stupid roommate (Republicans) is too busy fixing thing instead of talking to the Landlord (Voters).  All the Landlord (Voters) sees is the house is looking better, and since the Landlord (Voters) only sees me (Democrats) out here on the porch (News) and not my stupid roommate (Republicans) who is in the house working on making the repairs.

The Landlord (Voters) only cares about who they see, and since I'm on the Porch (News) they see ME (Democrats)

This is basically what has happened to our country.  The media is for all intents and purposes an extension of the Democratic Party.  From Chris Matthew to Piers Morgan.  So ALL we see is the Democrats blaming the Republicans and Gloating over the fact that they are in charge.

People need to wake up.  Or one day the House will be decrepit and instead of being able to fix it.  It will need to torn down and rebuilt anew.

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