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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Drone Warfare and the Central Intelligence Agency

"The Washington Post published an article today that goes to show how numb we American citizens have become to our .gov breaking the rules. Major violations of the Constitution are just an interesting paragraph in an article about the CIA and drones. Just the title of the article should catch everyone's eye and make us take note. CIA drone strikes will get pass in counterterrorism ‘playbook,’ officials say. The title pretty much covers the story. The Administration has developed a 'playbook' that is supposed to govern when and how we use drones to assassinate people, and the CIA doesn't have to play by the book." 

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There is a few things in that post you need to read and think about.

In the future will the .GOV be allowed to use a drone strike or an FBI Tactical Team to take out someone considered an "Extremist" and anybody around them is just "Oooopps, My bad."  With no accountability? 

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