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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Firearms and firearms parts prices

are going absolutely nuts.  I was checking into getting a 20 inch barrel for my shotgun.  The cheapest I can find costs more than I paid for my shotgun.  And I bought my shotgun brand new.  Seriously, my plan was swap out my 18.5 inch barrel for a 20 inch barrel so I could use screw in chokes, in particularly a screw in rifled choke for giving slugs a bit more accuracy for deer hunting.  The choke prices are still reasonable, the barrel price however is $10.00 more than I paid for my shotgun.

If anyone would like to trade a 20 inch 6 shot Mossberg 500 barrel with at least 1 choke tube, for a ribbed camo 28 inch 6 shot mossberg 500 barrel with a Modified Choke tube, or a blued 28 inch 6 shot mossberg 500 barrel with I think an IC Choke tube, send me an e-mail.

I was also looking into finally putting an ambidextrous safety on my 1911A1.  FORGET IT! 

I understand the laws of supply and demand, but there are some companies who are raping customers without lube or even a reach around.  I won't post names, as I haven't purchased from these companies, nor do I intend to...  Now..

But looking at the lead time and back order status on most companies websites if I ordered now, I wouldn't have my barrel or my safety in my hand until April at the earliest.

Sorry, but if I am going to place an order for something and give my credit card number, I want what I paid for in my hand within 2 weeks at the latest.  A few companies had notices on their web page that they were taking orders and a small deposit, with the rest of the cost due at shipping.  But only a few of the compaines I've seen are doing that.

I have a problem with someone taking my money earning interest on it and promising me delivery somewhere 3-5 months down the road.  With the current issue with possible legislation restricting my rights to own what I ordered, how do I know if what I ordered is suddenly made illegal, I'll get my money back?  Plus the company still had my money and was earning interest on it.  Not me.

So again, if anyone want to do some trading, I've got either a camo or a blued 28 inch barrel for a 6 shot mossberg 500 for trade for a 20 inch 6 shot mossberg barrel.  As long as it's in decent shape I'll take it.  I can always strip it and cold blue it or strip it and duracoat it.  My only real condition is the threads for the choke can't be buggered up, and my barrels are stored with their tube in place, I only remove them when I clean and lube them, so I know the threads are good.

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