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Monday, January 7, 2013

How is this for a "Free and Open" society

"Imagine the situation of poor DUer NCTraveler. He makes a post at the Democratic Underground complaining about the increase in 2013 taxes that now takes a bigger chunk out of his paycheck. No big deal he must have thought. Just another post among thousands. In fact, he probably forgot about the post by the next day...until Rush Limbaugh read it for all the world to hear and laugh at. Now panic sets in and NCTraveler, desperate to avoid more mockery, self-deletes his post so as to remove the "incriminating evidence" of his laughable absurdity."

Go read the story, but the punchline is, the poster deleted his post.

"I" don't delete posts here, I will update them but I won't significantly change them from the original.  To do otherwise is dishonest.

But the person who posted that feels that he wants it all to disappear down the memory hole.  However a copy can be found at:  DUmmie FUnnies

To see my original post on this click: The Democratic Underground is Funny

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