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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Human Guinea Pigs

And I might be one of them.  I was born in 1968, my older brother in 1964.  We lived approximately 3 miles from the Pruit Igoe Housing Projects.  And about 2.5 miles from the building shown in the video on Lindell Ave.  The video doesn't give an exact timeline, but as you should know radioactivity can contaminate an area for a long time.

I think I'll be looking into this further as it may explain a few idiosyncrasies my brother and I have as they relate to certain medications and other health factors.  Could they be because of our parents exposure to the compounds the Army sprayed?  Could what they sprayed somehow affected our mother?  Who was pregnant with my older brother at the time of this spraying?

However for our government to perform this testing on unsuspecting CHILDREN for the most part, shows a callous disregard for our Rights as Citizens of this country.

And now these people are trying to take away or severely restrict one rights, which if something like this ever happened again would allow us to enforce our rights.

If you look at the President who was in office during the time frames mentioned it's interesting.

The testing took place for 1 year under Dwight D. Eisenhower, and 2 years under John F. Kennedy.  So political affiliation doesn't really have anything to do with, except that Dwight Eisenhower always warned of the growth of the military industrial complex and it's inherent destabilizing factors as they relate to our Rights and Freedoms.

The link to the Dr. Martino-Taylor's paper is:

The Direct link to the PDF of her report is:  This document is 34.5 MB in size so if you have a slow connection it will take a while to load, or you can right click the link and choose Save As to save it to your own computer for later perusal.  All 883 pages of it.     
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