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Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's not even the end of January and we have

a Nominee for "Feminine Hygiene Product of the Year" Award

Thanks to Sean Linnane for this one.

"We're barely into 2013, but we already have a frontrunner for the Douche of the Year award. Author Michael Kindt was at a California restaurant when he noticed that another patron left a political statement instead of a tip."

You will notice that the story hails from Kalifornia.  I wonder which die hard member of the Democratic Underground got his panties in a twist after getting the check from his part time job at the sex shop, and noticed the deduction of his check from the removal of the 2%  deduction for Social Security taxes.

Considering how butt hurt and hateful they all were about that on the now DELETED thread over at the DU, it could be this will be a sign of their new dissatisfaction with their Messiah and Overlord.

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