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Friday, January 11, 2013

My 2000th post

and it has to be about the absolute naivete and stupidity of people who think that the high tech in the movies actually exists.

"Guns should also be designed to sense where they are being aimed. Artificial vision and optical sensing technology can be adapted from military and medical communities. Sensory data can be used by built-in software to disable firing if the gun is pointed at a child or someone holding a child."

Seriously?  You really believe our current technology is mature enough for that?  Or is the fact that you might have some hidden interest in the companies like other people such as the idiot with his "Micro-Stamping" proposal, who has been lobbying to make microstamping mandatory for all firearms.

In your own op-ed you write that even with your "Technology" the possibility of someone "Hacking" it exists.

You want to reduce "Gun" crime.  I have a solution which has been known to work the world over.

A well armed and properly trained civilian populace.  Want examples?  Switzerland and Israel.

Look in our own country, at the FBI's own statistics, States and cities with the least restrictive laws as it pertains to firearms ownership and carry have the lowest violent crimes.

What else do you need?

Oh, I'm sorry, you need an actual functioning brain.  One that processes FACTS, and can compute DATA, and can output TRUTH. 

Instead you have an inoperative brain that takes in FACTS, and DATA and outputs skewed UNTRUTHS.

You rely on and play EMOTION in an attempt to ENFORCE your belief structure on others.

There is a problem with that particular equation.

It's called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Maybe you have heard of them, in your attempts to trample all over them in your ignorance of the Law of the Land.

You sir, and other like you, DISGUST me.

Your attempts to circumvent the protections guaranteed EVERY citizen of this country is spitting on the graves of our Founding Fathers and the graves of EVERY Serviceman and Servicewoman who have DIED protecting this Country and the Ideals it stands for.  YOU SHAME every serving member of our armed forces by your ACTIONS and inactions.

To you and people LIKE you, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is just a piece of paper.  To me and others like me, VETERANS, HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS, NATURALIZED CITIZENS those two documents are like the very air that we breathe, parts of our souls.  Which we have pledged our lives and our sacred HONOR to.

But you, you don't understand that.  You think we are fools, dupes, idiots.


And if necessary we will give our LIVES to DEFEND and PROTECT it.

So if I'm STUPID and IDIOTIC for believing in something larger than myself, well then I guess I'm STUPID.  But those are my Beliefs.  And you violate them at YOUR peril.

You would do well to consider that.

And to HOPEFULLY, RETHINK and to MODERATE your actions.

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