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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oh the privacy rights implications

-- Researchers are blaming a small group of motorists for the San Francisco area's freeway traffic headaches.
A study by the University of California, Berkeley, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows drivers from a few outlying neighborhoods travel long distances together in the same direction like schools of fish.
That results in traffic jam on area freeways.

The San Jose Mercury News ( says more than 350,000 motorists were tracked for three weeks using cellphone and GPS signals.
The California Department of Transportation and local transportation officials are examining the data and they plan to incorporate such measures as additional metering
I don't want ANYONE to have the ability to track where I go.  I'm not doing anything illegal, and until such time as you can prove I'm doing something illegal, you have no right to track my whereabouts for ANY reason.  We have a Constitution and Bill of Rights for a reason.  And you better respect it and abide by it.

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