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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PETA wants Obama to ban hunting

PETA Wants Obama To Include Hunting Ban In His Anti-Gun Measures…

Are those idiots going to replace all the money the .GOV gets from sportsmen and sportswomen's  pay for thing such as hunting and fishing licenses, the tax they/we pay on every round of ammunition, the tax on boats, ATV's and all the other things that sportsmen and sportswomen pay taxes on that go to conservation and wildlife management?

Are they going to ensure herd size is managed, so that the animals don't die from diseases that come from over population, over grazing and all the other issues that happens when hunters DON'T cull the herds down to manageable levels.

This idiots don't THINK.  They FEEL.

Well I'm sorry your feelings won't ensure that the deer population doesn't explode through unchecked reproduction, destroying the food supply through over grazing.  And the deer won't be the only species that is becoming diseased and dying.

Almost every other creature out in the wild will be affected negatively.

There are countless research studies and actual real life evidence.

But to the PETAphiles, only their "FEELINGS" matter. 

Not "Reality"

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Old NFO said...

Sadly, you ARE correct...