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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Remember the New York couple

who had High Explosives and banned weapons in their New York City apartment?

The woman has given birth to a daughter while in police custody, and her boyfriend/baby daddy has pleaded "Not Guilty"

I don't have an issue with the couple being arrested for having the explosives or the weapons.  I DO have a problem with the police department and the media continually putting out the type of explosive and the name of certain text's the couple had in their home.

It took me a 5 second google search to find 3 videos on youtube on how to make the explosive in question, and over 100 links to the documents in question.


You don't want advertise this information, because you have other young, stupid mental defectives who are going to search that info out, either for (Pardon my language please) shits and giggles, or to actually try to make that stuff for nefarious ends.

Aaron Greene was already associated with the Occupy crowd, and despite your Democratic overlords whitewashing them, you in Law Enforcement KNOW! what they are capable of.  WHY?!?! are you giving them information which can come back to bite you in the butt later?  If not your particular department someone elses.

And when it DOES come around, will there be someone's death associated with it?

Are you going to man up and accept the part of the responsibility for it if it does happen?


You'll just point your finger and say something like "See!! we need restrictions on the FIRST Amendment now."

If you idiots would quit trying to make your case in the press and showboating for some brief bit of TV fame, the impressionable mouth breathers wouldn't get the idea that "Hey!  If I do THAT, I CAN GET ON TV AND BE FAMOUS!!!!!"

So please do all of us who DON'T want to see this stuff on the news, just get up there report the bare bones facts and SHUT UP!

For all I know some defective has been watching your press briefing and now he wants to go out in a blaze of glory.  AROUND MY KIDS SCHOOL!


When I worked in L.E. in St. Louis the policy was you got up you said "So and so was arrested for such and such a charge, any questions you have direct them to the Prosecuting Attorney"  END OF PRESS BRIEFING!

You DO NOT give out information which might contaminate the potential jury pool, you do NOT give out information which is prejudicial to the investigation.

OHhhh, but I forget.  You guys work for (Pardon my language again) FAMEWHORE Bloomberg!


Old NFO said...

Stupidity... and 15 sec of fame... sigh

Mark said...

Yup... What they need is some janitor in a can to clean up their thought processes.