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Monday, January 7, 2013

The law of Uninteded Consequences

"In a move likely to cause an uproar across Portland-area coffeehouses, Oregon's state legislature is again considering instituting a per-mile tax on super-fuel-efficient cars and electric vehicles. The state is looking to recuperate revenue lost because more fuel efficient vehicles on the road result in fewer dollars being collected from gas taxes."

So the .GOV requires more fuel efficiency, but how do they recoup the Fuel Taxes they lose from more fuel efficient vehicles?  

Do you see where this is going?

A logical conclusion would be further on down the road GPS Trackers will be required to be installed in ALL vehicles, to track not just the mileage but on which roads you drive on.  So certain roads can be designated for a "Higher" tax or toll.

Do you really want the .GOV knowing where you go?  Or having the ability to charge you for miles you might drive off road?  If I go to my cousins farm, I spend several miles on back roads which aren't owned by the state, my cousin owns them, they are his driveway.  Am I going to be charged for the miles incurred on my cousin's private road?  Or any private road?

See there too many things wrong with the law of unintended consequences.

And legislators keep trying to intrude, to get their $$ and to innvade yours and my privacy.

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