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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This is old, but please read it

"the absolutely worst treatment i ever received in a store in my life. wife and i were in Eddie Bauer in summit mall today. went to Eddie Bauer to buy stuff. (3rd time this week) we go there a lot. went to pay for purchase with my platinum am ex and ccw for i.d. we dont sign out c/cards so they cant be forged. women said she had to have my d.l. not a ccw. told her it was a govt issued doc. take it or no sale, and she said o.k. ANOTER CLERK NOT INVOLVED IN SALE jumped in my face about ccw SCREAMING that they 'scared her and she was afraid of them. i said lady u are scared of a plastic card ??? her response was "u people" should not have guns.
could have told her i wasn't carrying ( 1 wasn't- no flames pls) just had the card in my wallet. she said its wrong and should not allowed in Eddie Bauer.
no signs at summit mall (never will be) president is pro gun. know him personally.
no signs in stores not allowedshowed no gun or "flashed"

Here is your caveat, the man who posted this is someone I consider a friend.  I have spoken to him through a site we are both members of, I have a link to his business over there on the right, which I am not receiving any financial consideration for, or any other type of remuneration.  The man is a friend, and he is damn good at what he does.  He is also a disabled Vietnam Vet, who trains local, state and federal law enforcement personnel.

For him to receive the treatment he did, both by the clerk, the corporate office and some of the other posters of that forum, is to me intolerable.

He doesn't know I'm posting this, and if he finds out, knowing him he'll probably fly down here with his wife so they can both kick my butt.  I don't care, this is to show just how deranged some of the anti's are.  So it's worth the probable butt kicking I'm going to get.

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Old NFO said...

Yep, the screws are being turned...