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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bomb making materials?

I found this through Bob Owens, however there are a few issues I have with the conclusions.

Here is the Story:

"A New York doctor active in the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011 was charged with possessing a large quantity of chemicals used for making bombs, Paramus Patch reports."

According to the story he also had several "Assault Rifles"  I'll remind you of Chuck Woolery's video about that. But back to the issue at hand.  "Bomb making materials", "Chemicals used for making bombs".  Now I don't know exactly what the doctor had in his house, but I can guarantee you almost every house, apartment, condo or hospital in this country, that has any cleaning supplies, has the chemicals needed for the manufacture of "bombs" or "explosive devices".  Many people know how to create those devices, military, fire fighters, police officers, chemistry students, biology students, several types of engineering students, the list can continue for another paragraph or so.  So unless the doctor was actually stock piling the chemicals in question to create large amounts of explosive material, I am not sure just how accurate the reporting actually is.

So here are my main issues. 

#1: Almost EVERYONE in this country, if they have cleaning supplies in their house has the precursor chemicals to manufacture explosives.

#2: What do they define as "Large" amounts?  My cousin owns a cleaning service, she buys cleaning supplies and chemicals by the case for her company.  Would they consider her to be a dangerous person?  She goes through more cleaning supplies in a week than I go through in a year.

#3: According to what the anti-gunner/anti-rights people say I would be classified as having an arsenal in my house.  So having a few "Assault Weapons" isn't a big flag for me.  Seriously when the anti's consider my 53 year old, 14 shot .22 pump an "Assault Weapon" and my single shot top break 20 ga or 12 ga shotguns as "Dangerous" weapons, please.  Get real.

Granted there are people connected to the Occupy crowds who ARE planning dangerous illegal things.  However I wouldn't look at this as dangerous without knowing many more facts, which seem to be missing from this story.

Is there evidence of the doctor having communications discussing the possibility of making these devices?  I don't know.  Is there evidence of any conspiracy between this doctor and other members of the Occupy movement?  I don't know.

This blurb of a story doesn't tell me much.  It's just a lot of conjecture to me. 

And that is what doesn't add up.

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