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Friday, November 23, 2012

Remember my post about the flooding of the Grand Canyon?

If you don't the link for it is HERE.  Now while perusing my blogroll I come upon this:

"In the field of bilateral sovereign water rights, the United States and Mexico (which have had serious disagreements and significant tensions over water rights in the past) have signed a new five year set of amendments to their 1944 Colorado River pact. (The treaty text of the 1944 agreement is here; the website from which it is drawn, the Mexico-US International Border and Water Commission, offers a fascinating set of documents and history.) The amendments essentially bring Mexico into an arrangement created by US states sharing Colorado River water, to address times of drought. The essence of the pact, as with the inter-US-state agreement, is to allow a party to “bank” water during wetter periods in reservoirs upstream, and then draw on that water in times of drought."

Hmmm, could the release of the water to supposedly help with the flora and fauna of the Grand Canyon, instead be used to "Sweeten" the pot for this new treaty with Mexico?

And why do I feel that someone is trying to play a "tricky dick" on us the citizens and tax payers of this country?

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