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Thursday, November 8, 2012

KTD Project Knoppix Thumb Drive - Emergency reference library

I've been sending e-mails to several more well known bloggers, asking them to either post a link to the project or to write their own.  I really feel that this project can help save lives, especially with the way our government is going as it regard to natural disasters.  Just look at the Fed Gov's response in Staten Island and parts of New Jersey.

People are still without shelter, without drinkable water, without heat or food.  People are searching through trash for food and clothing to eat and keep warm.  And the Fed Gov closes office because of "The Weather".  Offices that are supposed to be helping people who still have no shelter or food.

I'm hoping this project will help people.  Last night one of our local deputies let me experiment with the computer in his patrol car.  My Knoppix Thumb drive booted his computer and allowed he and I to view the CD3WD files easily.  He also plugged it into his Tablet and he could access the files as well.  I still haven't gotten a large enough SD or Micro SD card yet to see if a cell phone will let you view the full file system, but my Samsung and my daughters Droid have 8 GB micro SD cards and we can view the portion of the files we put on them.  The text is a bit small but with some changing of a few setting we are able to read the files.  Even the PDF files.

So if you download the files you can carry them with you almost anywhere.  Either as a SD card in your cell phone or as a thumb drive.

I have 2 old laptops with dead hard drives and I will be testing those to see if I can get them to boot and use the files as well.  I doubt it would be a problem though, they should boot just fine.

The whole point is to have on your person a back up library.  The CD3WD files has several medical texts, such as Austere Medicine and Where there is no Doctor.  There are texts on water purification, shelter building, emergency heat sources and hundreds of other subjects.  Granted many won't need files on blacksmithing or animal husbandry or farming techniques for third world countries with low technology levels.  But it is a full reference library.  And you never know, you might need some of those other files.

The old saying goes, "It is better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it", I will also add my personal motto, Pray for the best, Prepare for the worst.

So in preparing for the worst please go to or download the following files and get your own thumb drive or SD card back up reference library.

Main KTD Project Post

Please check out the files for yourself.  Download them, write them to a thumb drive or an SD card, carry them with you.

You never know when you may need them.


Old NFO said...

Good point...

Mark said...

Now if I can just get this to spread out so more people know about it.