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Monday, November 12, 2012

KTD Project around the Web - updated

Uncle over at Say Uncle has been gracious to give me a link as I wrote about before and now Claire Wolfe did a write up on the project found:

Peter the Bayou Renaissance Man has also post a link: A very useful emergency information resource

Please, if you write a blog, post the link to the KTD Project page:

Knoppix Thumb Drive Project Links and Instructions

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I don't get any money out of this project.  NONE.  I am not charging a single dime, I don't get paid when you download the files like some do.  This is free.  The only thing you need to pay for is a 32GB thumb drive if you don't already have one available, and your time to download and install the programs and files.

I have uploaded the Extra files to my Google Drive account and made them available to anyone.  I will be adding the torrent files I have uploaded to File Factory to the Google Drive account as well and will post the links to them in the new page as well.

Please, get this information out.  Get it for yourself and your family.  When you do have the files please go through them to learn what is there and what you can use.

I am still having to wait for the SD and Micro SD card tests as I don't currently have the funds for a 32GB card.  When I get them I will test them as well to ensure they work.  I do know that I can access the limited files on my cell phone, but I only have a 8GB Micro SD card for it and I know not all phone will support a very large Micro SD card.  I might strip down the CD3WD files and the Extra files specifically for smaller SD and Micro SD cards.  When I do I will create a Torrent and upload it so people ca get the files.

If you wish to help with the project please send me an e-mail through my greylocke account over on the right where it says Send a Missive.

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