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Friday, November 16, 2012

Hostess, the Union and Richard Trumpka

"So the company was already in bankruptcy, and a Bain-like private equity firm brought it out of bankruptcy due to a $130 million investment, which the investors, get this, hoped to one day see a profit on.
The union workers disagreed, and told the investors that they should not only never expect a profit, but that they would continue escalating demands so that additional bankruptcies and additional bailouts of millions of dollars would follow.

So, the investors said: See ya. No use throwing good money after bad."

He says it a lot better than I could.  And Mr. Trumpka?  Please go and soak your head. You are in my personal opinion an idiot who is only in the union for personal gain and power.  If you really cared about the people in your union you would be doing everything you could to help the investors turn a profit.  So they could you know, reinvest it into another business to employ more people.

But you don't see it that way.

All "I" see is your own quest for power and your greed.

You sir define the "pot calling the kettle black"


Old NFO said...

Yeah, let's see how they like the holidays NOW!!!

GreyLocke said...

Be a prettypoor one, especially with energy costs going up. Although if I remember correctly from back when I was a non-union Security Officer in a Union warehouse, they do get some money from the Union when on strike or laid off. I don't know if their union is setup the same way, but maybe it is, it still isn't a full paycheck.