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Friday, November 16, 2012

Cute? You're kidding.... right?

Seriously, you think Wild Boar and Feral Hogs are "Cute"?  Have you seen the damage they can do to a planted field? Have you seen the damage they can do to livestock and farm animals?  I've had to put down dogs and a horse that had the displeasure to tangle with a Feral Hog.  It isn't very fun to have to shoot one of your own dogs, because a herd of ferals ripped him to pieces.  The horse we got there after the hogs had hamstrung her and ripped out her chest and abdomen.

And you think they are cute little pigs like you see in the petting zoo.  Here is the link to post in question.


If you don't believe me do your own google search.  Here is your search term: Feral Hog Damage

Then choose images.  See how they damage yards and cropland.  They destroy stream and water sources for other animals.  Hit one with your car, then watch them get up and walk away as if nothing happened, yet your car is totaled.

Feral Hogs kill hundreds of domesticated animals if not thousands each year.  The damage they do to property, fields and water sources is immeasurable.

They are NOT cute.  They are a menace.  And the responsibility for many of them can be laid at the feet of city dwellers who think farm animals are "cute" and take them as pets.  When their "pets" grow to several hundred pounds, they don't want to take care of them or responsibility for them and turn them free.

And they turn into wild beast and breed with wild hogs already out there.  So you have wild hogs which normally ran upto about 150 to 225 pounds suddenly having an infusion of genes for a beast reaching several hundred to over a thousand pounds.

That's right.  The Feral/Wild Hog problem is laid directly at the feet of irresponsible humans.

Like YOU.  Who is searching for the "cute" hog that was killed, probably so you can decry the need for people to kill these animals.

We wouldn't have the problem if you got over your desire for everything "cute" and understand livestock is livestock, aka Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, NOT your pet.

So before you go and decry the fact that these animals are being killed/destroyed, place the blame for their very existence on the true people responsible.

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