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Monday, November 19, 2012

Another reason you might need the KTD

"The city’s 911 call system failed the most vulnerable New Yorkers caught in Sandy’s wrath, say survivors, some of whom lost loved ones in the storm.

Among their shocking claims:

* 911 calls rang and rang unanswered or were greeted by woefully unprepared operators.

* Dispatchers from the police, fire and ambulance services feuded with one another.

* At times, operators tried to pawn off calls to the city’s 311 non-emergency hot line.

“They obviously weren’t trained for this kind of situation. . . . They’re kind of reading from a script,” fumed Diane Hudson, 45, who desperately tried to help her friend David Gotthelf, an elderly man afflicted with cerebral palsy, before he drowned in his Rockaway Park home."

Sounds nice doesn't it?  Wouldn't you rather have the knowledge to help yourself and your family , friends and neighbors?

Click on :Knoppix Thumb Drive Links and Instructions

And get your own KTD to make sure you have information which could save your life.  It is free, you can do it yourself, and you can carry it with you everywhere.  I keep mine on my keychain, and it can boot all of my computer with the exception of my android tablet, but I can still access the files on my tablet, or any other computer with a USB drive.

Next month I will be getting a 32 GB SD card to ensure I can use the SD card or Micro SD card to boot a computer either from it's card reader or a SD Card Reader USB adapter.  I will be posting my progress on it.

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