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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What did I do THIS time?

They viewed my KTD Project post.  Maybe they don't like the idea of people being self reliant?  I know according to the DHS, I'm considered a threat because I am a Veteran and believe in the US Constitution and the Oath I took many years ago to Defend it.  I'm not a threat to anyone though. I'm old and my body is falling apart.

However there are some who feel that information is a threat.  How can that be?  Information is just that.  It is how the information is used that determines if something is a threat.  The KTD Project is for helping people.

Right now in New York there are thousands of people who need shelter, heat, food and water.  The files on the KTD thumbdrive have information on how to build a shelter with just sheets or a tarps.  How to build a safe fire for heat and cooking.  How to purify water, how to desalinate water and many other ways to help.  As I posted earlier, if someone had this information on a Micro SD card in their cell phone, they would HAVE this information.  And that could help to save lives.

Right now a Nor'easter is headed for the New York area.  There are still hundreds of people who don't have shelter.  There is a file in the CD3WD disk that tells you how to use a simple tarp, to build a shelter.  there is a file on how to make an emergency heater.

People Lives are in danger, but if they had the proper information, the danger could be lessened.

I'm trying to get that information out there.

You can help yourself.

Let people know about the CD3WD files, give them the torrent so they can download them themselves.  Download it for yourself.  Seed the torrent so more people can get it.

Point them to the main CD3WD directory here:

Point them to the KTD Project post here:

Help get this information out there.  Maybe it can help save lives.

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