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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

KTD Project and Torrenting/Seeding

When I first started to write about this project according to my Torrent Client, there was only myself and one other person seeding the files.  That was true until yesterday, when suddenly there were myself and 3 others seeding the files.  I setup a second computer to seed the files here as well and then went to sleep so there were 5 seeders and a bunch of people downloading.

I got up today and checked.  There are now 17 seeders and about 35 people who are downloading the files and uploading at the same time.Those are called peers.  As more peers finish downloading the files and start uploading only they become seeds.

That is just regular everyday people like you and me.  Seeding the files from their home computers.  The other day I posted about the Military and various hospitals, and others such as Universities, Colleges and even Utility companies.  You guys are all looking at the KTD project pages.  What I am asking is that you step in to help.

You military types will probably need permission to do this but since you guys probably already have these files you know exactly what they are and know that there are no dangerous materials in them.

Here is what I am asking of all you .MIL, .GOV, .ST.GOV, .EDU folks.

Seed these files yourself.  You have the server space, heck the total files, EVERYTHING is less than 20 GB in their compressed format, you guys have the bandwidth to seed to hundreds if not thousands of peers at the same time.

And if people have the files and use the files maybe we won't have things like "Katrina on the Hudson" anymore.

Oh and Microsoft, HP, Dell and you other guys you too can seed these files, you more than any of the others should have plenty of bandwidth. 

And while I'm at it.  You guys at the 3 different hospitals in Michigan, instead of looking at my 215 Rules of an Evil Overlord post, maybe you can talk to your hospital administrators about helping to get this information out to help people? Don't make me post your IP's.

But I will post some more Screen Shots of the Army Intelligence, Microsoft, HP and maybe a few others looking at the KTD pages.  If you guys can look you can seed the files as well.

All of you visitors have the bandwidth you can seed the KTD files to hundreds if not thousands of people.  And I'm quite sure there are dozens of more that I missed out on grabbing a screen shot of.  It doesn't cost in this day and age to seed these files to help people get information which may help save lives.  And isn't that importanat enogh in itself?

Now you guys in the first screen shot up above, from what I call Fort Gesundheit, Could you talk to the guys over at the MARS Headquarters and ask them to look at the KTD page and see if they can help incorporate the AFU Knoppix into the Adriane Knoppix?  And then send me a link about it?  Seriously and PLEASE.  I know a LOT of HAM Ops myself included who will thank you most vociferously.  Or just have one of them send me an E-mail at the GreyLocke  E-mail over on the right.  I know you guys check my blog at least once a day as part of your job to provide intelligence for your commanders, and I have no problem with that.  Please just ask the MARS guys to give us a hand.

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