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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am starting to get worried

When I start getting people in authority start looking at things I'm trying to do to help, I get worried.  First the FBI, now the Comptroller for the Currency which is part of the treasury department which controls the Secret Service.  So if you suddenly hear of a blogger being arrested down by Corpus Christi Texas it might be me.

All because I'm trying to get information out to people so they can help themselves, rather than rely on others.

Knowledge is the greatest power someone can have.  And I am trying to spread knowledge.

Therefore I must be doing something wrong.

Regardless of that go to my Knoppix Thumb Drive Project post, download the files install them to a thumb drive or a Micro SD card or both, and carry them with you EVERYWHERE.  It is a full reference library including medical, survival and emergency information that could save not just your life but the lives of others.

On a Thumb Drive it can be used as is on any computer with a USB or as a bootable thumb drive to boot any computer, even if it doesn't have a hard drive.  As a Micro SD card you will always have the information available on your cell phone or tablet computer, and using an adapter a computer that can be booted from a SD card can be booted as well.

Please get the information and look through it.  It won't help you if you just get it and put it away.  Go through it so you understand the file system, so you can find the information you might need in an emergency situation.

I am slowly putting together an extra torrent of files particularly medical, shelter,primitive survival and related information which I will seed as a torrent.  When I have it all together I will upload the torrent to file factory like I did with the torrents for Knoppix and CD3WD and post the link here.

I would ask that anyone who downloads these torrents, PLEASE seed them for others.  I know I am seeding knoppix and CD3WD right now, but as I am on a slow DSL each is only going about 10 KBs.

SO please get these files for yourself, and seed them for others.

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