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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My daughter said something

that reminded me that my father wrote a book many years ago when I was only a few years old.  I haven't read it so I'm not too sure about it.  It was written when he was working for KATZ Radio in St. Louis and going to law school.  It was about the Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting, and according to Google there might be a copy or two in the University of Missouri at Columbia Library.  Other than that there isn't a listing I could find.

Here is the listing if you are around the University and could drop in to give it a look.

Fairness : a continuing controversy

Author: Anthony LeClaire Anderson; University of Missouri--Columbia. Freedom of Information Center. 

Publisher: Columbia, Mo. : School of Journalism, University of Missouri at Columbia, 1972. 

Series: Freedom of Information Center report, no. 278.Edition/Format: Book : English

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Old NFO said...

Id try the Library of Congress.