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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Peter posts a reason for the KTD

"There are numerous reports of aggressive, overbearing behavior by those rescuers who first arrived at disaster scenes. It's perhaps best described as "I'm here to rescue you - I'm in charge - do as I say - if you don't I'll shoot you". It appears that mid-level State functionaries and Red Cross personnel (the latter without the "shoot you" aspect, of course) were complained about most often ... Another aspect of this is that self-sufficient, responsible families were often regarded almost with suspicion by rescuers. The latter seemed to believe that if you'd come through the disaster better than your neighbors, it could only have been because you stole what you needed, or somehow gained some sort of unfair advantage over the "average victims" in your area."

 I'm sorry I would much rather take care of myself and my family than to rely on the Gov or some other organization.  Granted there are times when you have to.  However the more information you have beforehand can help you by making any emergency situation have somewhat less of an impact.  Through having the knowledge to help yourself, and the confidence in having that knowledge.


MauserMedic said...

That whole "or I'll shoot you" thing: I guarantee I'm a better shot than 95+ percent of those rescuers, and I'm a middle-aged guy with no grandchildren to worry about. I'll stand with my neighbors, and give my "rescuers" a chance to reconsider if their "help" is worth a casket or colostomy bag when they push their luck.

Half of the country might like having incompetents responsible for their well-being; I'll take care of myself and my neighbors (as they'll help me out). I'm pretty confident which one will end better.

Mark said...

Down here in Texas, the aid workers have a script, one of the first things on it is PLEASE DON'T SHOOT, Do you need any assistance? I don't know the rest but I got a giggle out of that.