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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More on Asteroid mining

Can't you just tell one of my first loves was space?

"NASA is considering a $2.6 billion asteroid-retrieval mission that could deliver a space rock to high lunar orbit by 2025 or so, New Scientist reported last week. The plan could help jump-start manned exploration of deep space, carving out a path to the Red Planet and perhaps even more far-flung destinations, its developers maintain."


I grew up in the 70's at the height of the Apollo Program.  As a kid I was given a model of the Saturn V with the LEM and the CSM.  The whole model was almost 4 feet tall.  I also had models of the CSM and the LEM that were almost 8 inches tall themselves.  I read books about the space program, I begged my father for books and models about the Mercury and Gemini program in addition to more Apollo models.  I read hundreds of science fiction novel y Asimov, Heinlein and others.  I wanted to go to space, live on a space station, be able to ride a taxi from the earth to the moon.

In short I was Space Struck.

Well budgets and political situations changed and space was put on a back burner.  It still is on the back burner, but now on the back back burner of the government.  However Private companies are bringing it to the front burner, a little bit at a time.

And I'm happy to see that.  I just hope that my kids can have the same excitement about space travel that I once had.  And that Private space travel can bring about that sense of wonder soon.

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