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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Some links for you

A Modest Proposal

Bracken: For The Children

Manchin Gets His

Americans Can’t Have Assault Weapons But We Can Arm Terrorists?

House Passes $50 Billion In Sandy Relief (Mostly Unrelated Pork) With Democrats Providing Majority Of The Yes Votes UPDATE: Less Than Half The Money Is Sandy Related

Leaked State Department Cable: The Syrian Government Likley Used Chemical Weapons Against Its Own People, Last Month


Time to boycott New York State?

So much for banning standard-capacity magazines!

Barack Hussein Obama just used your hard-earned tax dollars to give Hezbollah (U.S.-designated terrorist group) 200 Armored Personnel Carriers

Shock the system

Where is your line in the sand?

Survival of the Prepared - a Lesson From a Rimfire

Magical Force-Fields

To all of you people 

Police Shoot, Kill Dog When Going To A Home By Mistake.

Lenore Skenazy: Crossing the line between school safety and stupidity

Fitch Threatens To Lower U.S. Credit Rating

Not to be too pedantic, but for there to be a ‘future of conservatism in America’ there first has to be a future in America.

Random Musings...

I called this weeks ago

Constitutional Republic, Not Democracy....

Help Out Liberty Chick


Chill already!

MAN BRINGS BOMBS to WI Capitol Hours Before Gov. Walker’s State of State Speech

'But mom, guns are bad.'

Either, Or

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