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Saturday, November 3, 2012

What do these things have in common?

Iran Hostage Crisis 

Battle of Mogadishu


The three major scandals and embarrassments to US Leadership and prestige, all happened during Democratic administrations.

Hasn't anyone else figured this out yet?

Every time there is a 'misadventure' there is a democrat at the helm.

Granted there are things they republicans are responsible for.  However I find it hard to recall them.  The Iran Hostage Crisis, Mogadishu and now Benghazi, all of them are large incidents that happen due to incompetence at the highest levels of the administrations of democrat presidents.  So I'm quite sure in the memory of the rest of the world, these incidents are in their memories as well.

Lessening our image in all the other nations of the world.  Embarrassing us at the table of international diplomacy.  Reducing our worth when we need a favor from another country.

So how can we rebuild our prestige?

Normally, after every democrat screwup there is a republican president who fixes the problem.  And a republican administration rebuilds our damaged reputation.  Jut in time for democrats to scheme with their pawns in the media to destroy the republican administration through innuendo and dirty tricks.

I'm not sure how many years this great Republic has before it become a pure democracy and socialistic nation.

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