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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's not just David Gregory

"A report states that Saville victimized at least 214 children, and either raped or stat-raped 34 (26 girls, 8 boys)."

As long as there is law for some people and laws for the rest of us, we will never truly have a free society.

The Leftist Democrats want us to forget that our country is a Republic and  NOT a Democracy.

That way they, with special interest groups and large campaign donors can have one law for them, and another law for the rest of the country.

And it isn't ONLY Leftist Democrats, there are some leftist Republicans and RINO's, who want to strip away our rights.

To quote the Agent in Serenity, "They are building a perfect society"  And they expect us to lay down and either die or accept it.

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