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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are you looking for an AR-15?

I was at one of the largest guns stores in the Corpus Christi Texas area earlier today and they had 14 AR-15's in their racks when I was there.

If you are interested in getting one here is the store information.

Texas Gun Shop, INC.
4518 S. Padre Island Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78411
(361) 854-4424

Their website is:

If you do wind up giving them a call please tell them, that a local blogger and customer sent ya.

They are the only gunstore I've found locally to me so far who carries a decent selection of stuff for muzzleloaders.  Now if I can just convince them to order a sleeve of the RWS #11 caps, I'll buy 'em.

And for the FTC, I'm not being paid for this.  I am a customer of several local gunstores including Academy Sporting goods, several Pawn Shops and others.  I'm am posting this for my readers benefit not mine.

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