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Monday, February 25, 2013

I just had a lightbulb go off over my head

It was rather bright and annoying.  It also woke up the dogs.  I need to quit having ideas like this one.

As you should be aware, a multitude of Firearms, firearms accessories, ammunition suppliers etc et al, are refusing to do business with any government entity that restricts the Second Amendment rights of the citizens in it's jurisdiction.  the current list is linked below.

New York Boycott

Thereare however a couple of companies on the "Naughty" list.

My idea is simple.

We target the guys on the "Naughty" lists suppliers.

Armalite and GT Distributors need aluminum forgings for making uppers and lowers, they need barrels or the steel billets to make them.  If they are making their own buttstocks and handguards they need the plastics to injection mold them.  Contact the companies who supply these guys.  Contact the tool companies that sells them end mills and cutters, contact the sub-contractors they might use.

In other words, lets cut them off.

Just like your wife, girlfriend or significant other does when you're being a bone head, lets get them cut off.  Maybe then they will understand just how important it is that EVERYONE'S RIGHTS are NOT INFRINGED UPON!!!!!!!

When they understand that they are FACILITATING the destruction of our rights through their smug attitude and condescension, after we get them cut off so they have no product to sell.  They have no suppliers willing to sell to them.  THEN they will understand just how strongly we feel about their actions.

ETA: And the DOJ is looking at my blog AGAIN!!!  Screenshot HERE

Another Update please click HERE 


Old NFO said...

Interesting approach, but I'm wondering how you could get the list of suppliers... They guard that pretty closely...

GreyLocke said...

If we crowd source it we could probably find out who their suppliers are. Sean over at NC Gun Blog who is keeping a running tally has let me know there MAY be some updatage this week. If there is I will update this post and post a further update in a separate post.

Seerak said...

One way to possibly suss out suppliers: see if they have corporate social media pages with public contacts. Linkedin, for example. Some businisess don't realize what they betray that way. Worth a shot.

That Guy said...

GT Dist is on the naughty list?

GreyLocke said...

It was as I posted this. Click the link over to Sean's page. He said if anyone on the naughty list changes their policies he will update his list, and I will as well.