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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Day in the Life's current project list

Or to be more precise Mark aka GreyLocke's project list.

The KTD Project is at about 93% done.  I am still working on some issue with the HTML for the Extra Files.

The UTD 1A Project, is about 20%, I need some legal help, some Ubuntu Linux help and 3D printer help with it.

The Preparedness Videos Project is stalled.  Evidently no one wishes to get their visage or name out there and I am the only person making videos for it at the time.

My "Stick it in Vice President Biden's Eye Project" is ongoing.  I have found a female volunteer and I may have found someone local to me to help with filming the video.  I'm hoping that I may be able to find someone with an AR-15 M4gery who would be willing to donate the use of their rifle and 1 mag full of ammo for the video and also someone with any decent 9mm with a 15 round or higher magazine and I'd be willing to pay for 2 mag fulls of ammo if it can even be found.  As it is I'm crying a little bit about using my .45 ACP as it is nowhere to be found here locally and I'm dipping into my stash.  If everything goes right I may be able to film the video this week and get it edited together and posted to youtube by this weekend.

There is a continuation of the Stick in Biden's eye video that I'm thinking about, but I would need someone with an apartment.  No shooting would be done, just weapons handling in the confines of a smaller setting.  My house is rather open with only 1 real hallway and it's more than wide enough for my wheelchair, so it's not the best for explaining maneuvering through tight space with a honking long double barrel shotgun.  If anyone local to the Corpus Christi area wouldn't mind us waving safed weapons in their home for about 30 minutes for filming please hit the GreyLocke e-mail over there on the right.  ------------------>

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