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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Not just the Second Amendment, Now the First

"A recently introduced bill in the Illinois state Senate would require anonymous website comment posters to reveal their identities if they want to keep their comments online.

The bill, called the Internet Posting Removal Act, is sponsored by Illinois state Sen. Ira Silverstein. It states that a “web site administrator upon request shall remove any comments posted on his or her web site by an anonymous poster unless the anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate.”

Notice where it is?  How long until the politicians require you to have a license to speak your mind?

1 comment:

KurtP said...

I can't see how Liberals would have a problem with this.

After all, they're the ones telling me that the 2nd Amnd. only covers the weapons they had when it was written (no ARs or Glocks).

So why should they have a problem with the 1st not covering the computer (which wasn't even a thought until the `40's).