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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You just need a double barrel shotgun

Ok beside advocating someone commit a felony, Vice President Biden is an  I.D.10 T.

I mean seriously...  you give a novice shooter a double barrel shotgun, inside the hallway of your house, ask them to turn around, identify the target and fire.  Oh and do it in low light, with a full size shotgun, that normally has barrels between 24 and 28 inches in length. 

What do you think is going to happen?

Does the novice shooter remember to switch off the safety only AFTER the shotgun is pointed on target.  Or did they forget to even take the safety off?  In which case they probably have had the shotgun taken away from them and possibly used against themselves.

Lets say the got the safety off but as they turned around, stress being what it is, they flinch and suddenly they discharge the shotgun.  Hopefully in a safe direction, but odds are inside a house with thin drywall, you might have just shot your own child laying in bed in their bedroom, or your pet cat or dog.

But lets say they didn't do that, they actually got turned around, the shotgun on target, the safety off, aimed at the bad guy. 

But it's not 1 bad guy, it's 2.

You only have 2 shots, what if you miss?  What if  they are armed?  And not with a double barrel shotgun.

What do you do?

Remember this post I did earlier?

Need Novice Shooters in Corpus Christi

I'm going to take a novice shooter, and using several different type of firearms, run them through a similar scenario.  And I"m going to record it.  Then post it to youtube.

Lets find out just what could happen.

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