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Monday, February 25, 2013

Instead of trying to get your crew killed

"A controversial group opposing Japanese whaling in the Antarctic region on Monday released video showing one of its ships, the Bob Barker, being sandwiched tightly between two larger vessels: a Japanese whaling ship and a Korean refueling tanker. It also shows what's said to be a flash-bang grenade explosion near the stern of the refueling ship, Sun Laurel. The dramatic incident surely ranks as among the most tense in the years-long history of clashes between the whalers and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society." 

And wasting money on the ships, and food and fuel, you spend that money to try to get the treaty which allows the hunts, changed?

I know the real reason you idiots are doing what you are doing.  You want the notoriety, the fame, you want to do something physical.  The idea of of paying a law firm to sit in court to try to change the treaty just isn't "Fun".  So instead you waste money on publicity stunts which may get someone killed.  After all those ships cost a lot of money, so you need donors for them, and to line your own pocket.  and the fame from having a National Geographic show about your antics is just icing on the cake.

Overgrown 2 year olds who want to be a high seas pirate, but sort of legal like.  That's you.

All the money you spend could be better spent in the courtroom, and the possibility of someone getting hurt or dying is a lot less.

You are not Captain Pugwash, eh actually you may be, but without his redeeming qualities, and this is real life.  The time of the Noble hero captain are in the bygone days.

My advice to you is grow up, and do it legally.  Before you get someone killed.

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