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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Too many to take individually

Chris Christie Denies Agreement with Cuomo on “98% of the Issues” (Video)

Crazy Colorado Lib… Women Can Use ‘Buddy System’ or Judo Instead of Guns (Video)

Report: Lanza Picked Newtown School Because It Was an Easy Target

He’s Done… Controversal Obama Pick Chuck Hagel Said Israel Was “Becoming Apartheid State”

War On Women: White House Spokesman Jay Carney Sneers at Female Reporter; ‘I know you are just filling in’

Obama Debt Commision Co-Chair: If Obama Does Not Deal With Entitlements He Will Have a Failed Presidency (Video)

NY Democratic Bill Will Require Gun Owners to Carry Million Dollar Liability Insurance

OUTRAGEOUS… TSA Assaults and Harasses Crippled Three Year-Old Girl in Wheelchair (Video)

New Advice to Schools: Bum-Rush Shooter in Your Gun Free Zone

Mexico to Ask US Senate for Registry of US Gun Owners (Video)

Unreal. Colorado Lib Says There Are Alternatives to Guns for Self Defense… Like Ballpoint Pens (Video)

Obama Administration to Illegal Aliens: Don’t Worry, Food Stamps Won’t Affect Citizenship Chances

Junk Scientists: Global Warming Causes Less Snow but More Blizzards …(Huh?)

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