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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Court Finds Sea Shepherd anti-Whaling Group is PIRATES

Late Monday, the United States' largest federal court labeled them pirates."

Remember them?  I talked about those I.D.10T.'s in THIS POST.

Now a Federal Judge has found them to be a Pirate Organization.  However Sea Shepherd seems to be insisting they are trying to enforce an Australian Judgement against the Japanese Whalers.

Since when does a "PRIVATE" Organization enforce other countries laws and judgements?  And what authority do they do so?

Paul Watson is going to get someone killed with his actions, but he doesn't care.  If one of his member gets killed or seriously injured he will raise them up as a "Martyr" to the cause.

If someone does get seriously hurt or killed, he, Paul Watson, need to be charged in their injury or death.

Paul Watson's leadership brought his organization members there.  If one of them gets hurt or dies "HE" is respnsible.

If a Japanese sailor gets hurt or killed, Paul Watson and all the people on the boat or craft, (They have a helicopter which they used to throw glass jars filled with acids, urine and feces on to the Japanese ships) need to be criminally charged for their actions.

In short Paul Watson and his organization should be held accountable for their actions.  Yes the whaling should stop.  However that is what the "Courts" are for.  Not his idiotic crusade that WILL wind up getting someone seriously injured or killed.

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