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Sunday, February 10, 2013

I have an ethical quandary - UTD 1A related

In some of the files I have that I am putting together for the UTD 1A Project, there are some files on how to make suppressors.  And while I already knew how to do it since my Senior Drill Instructor in Basic Training at Fort Sill actually showed me and several others in my Battery, how to make several types, using various materials.  My quandary is this particular one is so simple and easy to make, I'm afraid someone would think nothing of actually making one, and they if caught with it, could go to prison.

Now the other files not related, I have no problem with disseminating them as it is legal to do so according to the current BATFE Regulations and the current Federal laws. 

However I am concerned that someone possibly a young adult would see just how easy it is to make this, and then do so without following the proper procedures, steps and regulations.  And then find themselves under arrest and being charged under Federal Statutes.

So do I leave that file in?  Or do I take it out?

I am seriously leaning towards taking it out, as I was once young and I know what temptation can do to someone who doesn't think it can happen to them.

Please leave a comment about this.

I really would appreciate it.


Old NFO said...

Since I found over 50 how to make a silencer/supressor links on google, I'd say leave it in. If you're down to the UTD, it 'might' come in handy...

B said...

Dude, if you can use Google or Yahoo, (or YouTube, for that matter) you can find all the info you need.

Besides, if someone reads that and chooses to break the law, then that is their business. Does the file have warnings at the top that that to make a silencer is illegal? If so, yer clean.

Can't protect everyone from stupid.

GreyLocke said...

The file doesn't have disclaimers on it. And I don't know how to add something like that to a PDF file. I'll try to find the same design however it will have to have the disclaimers. If I can't I'll need to figure out a way to create a new PDF with the disclaimers.

In this highly litigious society, I don't want to find myself on the wrong side of some civil lawsuit by an idiot who did this and tries to say I shouldn't have uploaded it if it was illegal to make a suppressor without following the legal requirements.,