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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spinal Injuries

I'm sitting here going through my blogroll, listening to the news, and I reach over to pet Layla.


My back decided to go into spasms.

I almost fell to the floor, the pain was so bad.

If you have a spinal injury this is your life.

You never know what will set off the pain and put you flat on your back sometimes for days.

Luckily, my cane sits right next to me almost 24/7.  I snatched it up and slowly starting getting myself re-centered, and now after a muscle relaxer I'm still sore and moving slower than I normally do, but I'm not flat out on my back like I was last week.

Simply walking and you catch your toe, you screw up your back.  Rotate your torso, turn your shoulders.  WHAM!!  Your back is out.

I've had people tell me to my face that I was faking it and it couldn't hurt "That bad"

Ok, Let me cut open your stomach, shove everything inside you to the side put steel plates and screws in your spine, move everything sort of back to where they were before and staple you shut.  Now you recover from that, lets have some rapid weather changes and throw in trying to raise some kids, who you can't even pick up anymore now.

Lets see just how "Bad" your back feels.

Add in torn and damaged ligaments in knees and shoulders, blown joints, steel rods and screws in your femur and then you tell me it's not that "Bad"

And yes I had some lawyer write it up in legalese that I'm "Not as badly injured as I claim"

I'd like to have him go through what I do everyday in the physical condition I'm in.  Then lets see just what his opinion of "Bad" is.

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