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Thursday, February 7, 2013

What ever happened to being polite and

minding your own business?  More an more these days someone puts their nose out of joint over something, that when I was a kid, if I said anything about it my elders would tell me to mind my own business and to shush.

When kids cannot play anymore, when anyone who disagrees with you is either a right or left winger nut, when you see racism, sexism, classism, statism, federalism etcetera ad nauseum all around.  You need to get your attention drawn back to one important little fact.

You DO NOT have the right to NOT be offended.

So get over yourself.

I and everyone else in this nation possess the right to be as rude, crude, obnoxious, obscene, profane, irreverent, illogical, bigoted, racist, elitist, and every other possible permutation.

You CANNOT legislate moral or otherwise behavior.

Granted there are several large groups of people who I personally don't think are worth the cost of lead required to put them out of my misery.

They still have the right to say and do their whatever they do.

However, just because I find them loathsome, doesn't give me the right to restrict their rights.

That doesn't mean I cannot peaceably demonstrate against them and their actions.  It doesn't mean I can't teach my children why I feel they are wrong.  It doesn't mean that I have to endorse their actions.

What brings this little rant on you ask?

How about the idiocy of a child getting in trouble for "Throwing and imaginary grenade", or having a "paper gun", or a bunch of fraternity members having a themed party, the student who had a PICTURE of a gun on the school computer.

I mean really?  You people have nothing better to do than have histrionics and suspend kids and try to get other kids censured because your feelings are hurt?  Or you feel threatened?


Listen folks, put on your big boy or big girl undies and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!

Kids play, they play cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, soldiers and terrorists, doctor and patient.

All they are doing is having FUN!

Let kids and young adults be KIDS and YOUNG ADULT.

And quit trying to wipe their noses for them.  They're in their 20's now.  If they haven't figured out yet how life is, well then you have failed in your job of protecting them and helping them to grow.

That's right


You OVERPROTECTED them so they never found out why you don't touch the top of a stove while its running, why you don't run with scissors,  that the only real satisfaction in a job comes from earning it.

You protected them from anything which might cause them harm either physically, mentally or psychically.

You smothered them in swaddling clothes, and that is where  they remain to this day.

In Metaphorical Diapers.

Metaphorical because they have never left childhood.

And why is all this?

You wanted to protect the children.

So you slowly banned or made illegal anything which might damage their precious little psyche's.

First you took prayer out of school, then you came up with the New Math and Social Studies.

What happened to simple arithmetic, History, Government and Civics?

You did.

You keep homogenizing everything down, distilling it and dumbing down everyone.

If they are dumb they won't be hurt by the realization they are only able to get a minimum wage job.

To keep them from realizing what you are doing, you are declaiming all these other things which you say are wrong with our world.

There are things wrong with our world, but it's not some kids having fun and being stupid at a party.

It's you.

Your insistence on "Fairness" so it's "Fair" to everyone.

That's not fair to everyone.

You take that which belongs to someone else and giive it to those who are too dumb to function in this society, through YOUR actions.

You protect the youth of our country by making the past shameful, so that our children cannot learn the significance of history.

And now you are dooming us to repeat that past in shameful ways.

You decry racism and discrimination where it is neither.  And you make everything wrong in some way.

So whatever did happen to being polite?

It got run over by a truck driven by the leftists idiots.

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