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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another reason why if you call 911 you may die

"At 6:15 p.m., the city’s 911 call center lost power.

At 6:39, they were able to start rolling 911 calls to the City of Arlington dispatch center. Arlington call-takers answered Fort Worth’s calls and communicated with officers until 6:56, when service to the police side of the call center was restored."

It took them 24 minutes to switch the Call Center services to another 911 Dispatch Center.

Twenty Four Minutes.

If there is someone kicking in your door, do you HAVE 24 minutes?


3boxesofbs said...

Newest report (blogging about it today) shows 224 calls missed during the time the power was out.

Call 911 and hope they haven't lost power or depend on your firearms, training and common sense?

Doesn't seem like a hard choice to make, does it?

GreyLocke said...

I'd rather not to have to rely on anyone to protect me and mine. However in the world we live in now, I don't see any choice but to make sure all the good people are armed for their own protection.