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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hmm Remember Sean Penn's Shotgun after Katrina?

"Actor Sean Penn rides shotgun through the flooded streets of New Orleans - but the anti-war activist insists the gun isn't his. 

Penn made headlines this week when he was seen helping stranded victims of Hurricane Katrina find safety from the fetid floodwaters that submerged the Crescent City. 

But on Tuesday, Hollywood liberal looked more like Charlton Heston, prowling the storm-ravaged remains of the Big Easy loaded for bear. 

A shutterbug snapped him after he got out of a boat in the city's stately Garden District with a pump-action shotgun in his right hand and a flak jacket in his left."

 Photo found HERE.

If you are an old fart like me, you might remember that Sean Penn was convicted of a Domestic Violence Misdemeanor for hitting his then wife Madonna with a baseball bat.  Therefore it was illegal for him to even HOLD any firearm.  Loaded or unloaded.

Ace has some more info for you about High Status Men who abuse women and are given a free ride by the media.

Media Consistently Awards Free Passes to High-Status Men Who Abuse Women

And does anyone remember the FBI Agent who was allowed to carry his duty weapon while on duty, but not when he was off?


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