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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Honor and killing

Our esteemed president insults the honor of our entire military and veterans, and if he had his way muslims would be allowed to kill for their "Honor" and get off scot free.

This is what the leftists are trying to bring to the US shores.  But only for the Islamists. Not the truly aggrieved.

"A man has killed his pregnant teenage sister in south Lebanon in what was seen as an honor crime – the murder of a woman accused of shaming her family. Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) said Friday that the body of Baghdad Khaled al-Issa, 18, was found with stab wounds in her head and sides in the area of al-Wazzani.

Investigators discovered that her brother Jihad, 21, had killed her in what is described as an honor crime, VDL said. It added that the victim was seven months pregnant. Later on Friday, LBCI television reported that the investigation with Jihad revealed that he had raped his sister, which lead to her pregnancy."

The leftists are going to create 2 classes of people here in the US.  Islamists, and everyone else.  And everyone else will have no rights to resist the assaults by the Islamists.

A new Caste based society is coming to America.

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