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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The wheels are falling off in Egypt

"The nation's strategic reserve of diesel fuel is down to three days' supply, the official MENA news agency quoted a government official as saying last week. Bakeries that use diesel to make staple subsidized bread have been told to keep 10 days' fuel supply but not all have the capacity.
The Muslim Brotherhood-led government of President Mohamed Mursi this week postponed for up to three months a rationing system for subsidized fuel due to start in April in what looks like an attempt to avoid upsetting voters before parliamentary elections due that month.

But reforms cannot be delayed for long, economists say.

"Fuel shortages are a symptom of the strains on Egypt's unsustainable subsidy system," said Simon Kitchen, an economist at EFG-Hermes in Cairo."

This isjust a preview of what is awaiting us here in the United States.

As more and more programs run out of funding and the .GOV can't rob Peter to pay Paul and George and all the little people anymore.  When all the back room deals and payments and favors are exchanged, there will be nothing left.

And you and I will find ourselves in a long line for a bit of subsidized bread or fuel or anything else we may need.

That is what awaits us under the current policies in place.

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