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Sunday, August 20, 2017

13 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries From Texas

Disaster Films You Need To See Before You Die

Alfonzo Rachel - Why saying only white people can be racist is really stupid


SciShow - How Can It Be Too Hot To Fly?

Stefan Molyneux - Is Capitalism Is The Real Problem? - REBUTTED!

5 Paranormal Unsolved Mysteries That'll Blow Your Mind

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The Great War - Trench Mortars - German Double Standards - Hughes’ Shovel - OUT OF THE TRENCHES

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

14 Famous Deaths That Were Never Investigated

The Gun Collective - Laws and Rules on Indian Reservations - The Legal Brief!

—————————————————————— LINKS FOR THIS EPISODE:
• Bureau of Indian Affairs FAQ
• Map of Indian Reservations
• Native American Law Search (Not all Inclusive)
• Tribal Law Gateway
• 18 U.S.C. § 1162 - State jurisdiction over offenses committed by or against Indians in the Indian country

Tech Insider - Fired Google engineer says his memo actually empowered women

SciShow - Why Is It So Hard to Build an ICBM?

bosnianbill - (1134) - Whipped by Ray's Nightmare

Curious Droid - Project Orion – The Atomic Bomb Powered Space Rocket

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Computing Forever - Google Memory Hole - Gab Dropped From Google Play Store

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder - #215 - THE ALT-LEFT TRUTH! - Gavin McInnes - Owen Benjamin - RazorFist

Military History Visualized - "Blitzkrieg" - What most people get Wrong - Myth vs "Reality"

Iraqveteran8888 - Adams Arms Piston AR-15 Meltdown!

Beyond Science - EXCLUSIVE Look Inside NASA Deep Space Gateway - Lockheed Martin Visit - Part 1

The Wound Channel - TSG G19 Holster - Review

ReasonTV - How to Safely Watch The Eclipse or CNN

Right Angle - Pluck Zuck - 08/18/17

TFB TV - 5 Reasons Why The Ruger Precision Rifle Is Too Good

Blunt Force Truth Minute - Baltimore Guns

PragerU - Are Charter Schools Better Than Public Schools?

Forgotten Weapons - The Volcanic - Smith & Wesson's First Pistol

While doing an archive dive at DataChasers - Freedom from Consequences

I ran into the following, which I think shows quite clearly what has happened to our society.

Too many people think they are free from the consequences of their actions.  And that is what we need to correct if our society is to get back on it's proper track.

To read this for yourself in it's proper context click on the following link.

Comic 890 - "A little company..."

Click on the strip to advance to the next page.  .