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Saturday, May 27, 2023

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FATD Response Arrives Years Late With Product Modifications, Were They Being Set Up by ATF? -

 U.S.A. – -( “ATF FATD [Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division] answered my industry submission after four-and-one-half years,” firearms designer and Historic Arms LLC President Len Savage notes in a May 17 email to friends and colleagues disparagingly characterized by United States Attorneys as “a tangled web of connections between a small cadre of firearms activists.”

“Please see the attached response [embeded below] and please note my submission letter (also attached).  Also attached are emails with FATD over this submission,” Savage advised, including documents embedded below. He followed up with some questions carrying serious implications.[Len Savage sent ATF parts of an unassembled firearm, ATF returned a completed gun.]

“Did ATF manufacture an SBR [short-barreled rifle]?” he asked. “Did they properly mark their manufactured SBR?”

“I have yet to receive the firearm back,” Savage added.

So it took “four-and-a-half years” to get an answer on a routine request that it’s their job to provide…? To highlight the absurdity of that, Savage noted in his correspondence to ATF that “Your staff has taken so long to respond though the return postage has gone up twice since I sent it to you… My stamps will not be enough for USPS priority mail any longer.”

The firearm parts Savage submitted back in October of 2018 is “based on the AR-15 family of firearms. The upper receiver has a barrel chambered in 5.56 NATO and has a length of  10.5 inches. The lower receiver has an SBA3 Stabilizing Brace installed. The submitted firearm has never had a butt stock installed. As such, it cannot be a rifle since it is NOT DESIGNED to be fired from the shoulder [emphasis in original].”

Click the link to read the whole article:  Were They Being Set Up by ATF

Vermont BANS The Well Regulated Militia, Necessary To The Security Of A Free State -

USA – -( Vermont Governor Phil Scott recently signed legislation banning “paramilitary” or Militia activity.

The law prohibits a person from teaching, training, or demonstrating to anyone else the use, application, or making of a firearm, explosive, or incendiary device capable of causing injury or death that will be used in or in furtherance of a civil disorder. It also bans a person from assembling with others for such training, instruction, or practice. Violators could face up to five years in prison, a $50,000 fine, or both.

The problem with this new law’s definition is that it is based on future intent. Who will be determining intent?

Will Vermont residents be subjected to what members of law enforcement think they might do with their training in the future? This law seems to be based on hypothetical actions that haven’t happened yet. How can anyone determine if something “will be used in or in furtherance of a civil disorder?” Remember, this law doesn’t criminalize militia activity, but rather the training that may or may not be used during militia activity. Besides that, who will determine the definition of “civil disorder?”

Click the link to read the whole article:  Vermont BANS The Well Regulated Militia

Friday, May 26, 2023

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New Jersey Politicians Enact Largest Gun Ban in U.S. History -

 When Governor Murphy and the New Jersey Democrats rushed a flurry of gun laws through the legislature last June of 2022, one of the laws rammed through was under the guise of banning guns with no serial numbers.

This law banned millions of rifles, shotguns, handguns, hunting guns, target shooting guns, military surplus guns, and virtually ALL muzzleloaders, black powder guns, antique guns, air guns and BB guns.

There are NO exceptions and there is NO grandfathering. This was the largest gun ban ever passed in the history of the United States.

The law bans ALL firearms with a “…firearm frame or firearm receiver …which is not imprinted with a serial number registered with a federally licensed manufacturer…”

The term “firearm frame or firearm receiver” means the part of a firearm that provides housing for the internal components.

For ANY firearm to be legal in New Jersey, it must now meet two criteria established by this law:

1) the firearm must be imprinted with a serial number; and

2) the serial number must be registered with a federally licensed manufacturer.

Under these requirements, the following types of firearms are now banned in New Jersey with no grandfathering or exceptions:

1) All pre-1968 rifles, shotguns, and handguns without serial numbers. Warning: Prior to 1968, there was no federal law requiring guns to have serial numbers.

2) All modern rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers with serial numbers, but are not registered with a federally licensed manufacturer. This would include most modern imported rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers, plus foreign firearms, and military surplus firearms from countries around the world, if these companies were not federally licensed manufacturers (e.g., Lugers, P-38s, Mausers, Arisakas, Enfields, SKSs, Carcanos, Webleys, Norincos, Mosins, etc.).

3) All BB guns without serial numbers. New Jersey includes BB Guns/Air Guns in its legal definition of a “firearm.”

4) All BB guns with serial numbers but are not registered with a federally licensed manufacturer. This would include most BB guns made, because there is no federal firearms manufacturing license required to make BB guns (e.g., Daisy, Crossman, Gamo, etc.).

5) All muzzleloading/black powder firearms without serial numbers. New Jersey includes black powder guns in its legal definition of “firearm.”

6) All muzzleloading/black powder firearms with serial numbers but are not registered with a federally licensed manufacturer. This would include most muzzleloading/black powder firearms made and/or imported because there is no federal firearms manufacturing license required to make or import muzzleloading/black powder firearms.
5) All antique firearms without serial numbers. Antique firearms are “firearms” under New Jersey law.

6) All antique firearms with serial numbers but are not registered with a federally licensed manufacturer. This would include most antique firearms because a federal firearms manufacturing license did not even exist at the time the antique firearms were manufactured.

The penalties for violating the new law are severe and draconian, as with most NJ gun laws:

Click the link to read the whole article and see the screen shot:  New Jersey Politicians Enact Largest Gun Ban in U.S. History